Here’s a chance to participate in some wonderful, new work…

I’m looking for people to participate in answering questions around ourselves, power, and the big issues of the day.

I’ll be compiling the answers, may edit them for length or anonymity, and will only share them anonymously.

The purpose of this is to give people the chance to think about these aspects of themselves and celebrate the variety and commonality in our experiences.

If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll send you the questions by e-mail, or you can ask to join the Facebook group through which questions are also sent out.

This could be a really fun way of getting to know humans more (even though it’s anonymous)!

And, of course, could get you thinking about important things, like the sustaining and flourishing of all life on the planet…

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What is Keduzi about?

This is an organisation that I set up in 2013/14 to train people in how to unstuck themselves – be it around health, goals, relationships, work, changing the world, you name it! So far, I’ve had one-to-one clients, with one-hour weekly sessions that can just be a one-off or go on for six weeks. It’s entirely up to you and me, what is workable and useful. I charge a sliding scale fee per hour, but the first session is always free.

Why are you doing The Listening Project?

I’m searching for new ways to get my perspective and these tools out to a wider audience, in order to effect big change around how we respond to major issues of the day. I’m also hoping this will flag up people I can train to go out and be the activists that they were always meant to be!

Are you getting paid for this?

No. Currently, the only way I make money is by having one-to-one clients.

Who will see my answers?

No one will see all of your answers in one place.

Anonymised answers may appear on Keduzi’s Facebook page and/or over Twitter and/or over the blog. Less likely to be on Keduzi’s YouTube channel. But you never know!


How much time will this take? What can I expect? How often?

You can take as much time as you like. Questions are usually open for a month.

What kind of answers are you looking for?

Honest answers. I’d rather you didn’t answer at all, rather than make something up or not be totally honest. Using specific examples are great… for me and for the wider humanity reading the answers. People like to know what life is really like for each other. And also that they’re not alone in their feelings/thinking.

What if English is not my dominant language?

I really encourage you to do your thinking and writing in your dominant language. You can then translate, below it, into English. Unless you are writing in Spanish, in which case there is no need to translate. (I can do that myself.) Unfortunately, I am not able to translate the questions into other languages at this time. (If you’d like to volunteer to do this, let me know!)

Can I submit answers anonymously, even from you?

Yes, I’m using SurveyMonkey to collect responses anonymously. You’ll be sent this link or you will see it on the Facebook page.


Can I invite other people to participate?

Absolutely! Send them to the main Listening Project page.

It’d be great to have lots of people involved!

What if I change my mind about participating?

Just let me know and you will stop receiving questions. You can also let me know if you want your previous answers removed from all future sharing.