We live in a modest three-bedroom apartment in Altena, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

As activists within Extinction Rebellion, we are developing a programme to reach out to liberation movements in every country and region that allows people to use their innate creativity and flexible intelligence to stop oppression and ensure that the planet remains habitable for all living beings, including humans, for the foreseeable future.

We do this by welcoming people to our home for solidarity circles and discussion, the breaking of bread, and the breaking of old habits that hold us back from flourishing.

We are a family of three plus so many new “like-family” members joining all the time.

Heather is a Colombian/USer, now also British, with a background in economics and sustainability at the university level.  She coordinated the Sanctuary Breaks scheme for the Greater Lincolnshire Area of Sanctuary in England. She supports the coordination of Extinction Rebellion in Germany. She loves a house full of cultures and languages and love.

Howard is English, born and bred in Lincolnshire, and loves eclectic cycling and trains and photography. He pays the rent etc with his bicyle mechanic job in Altena.

Elsie is English and Colombian, born in South Gloucestershire, England and bred in Colombia & Lincolnshire. She loves politics and has her own podcast. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, she is a climate breakdown activist with Extinction Rebellion.

keduzi is a made-up word. “Doozy” is an English word used, chiefly, in the United States and Canada to indicate something big, something extraordinary. Changing habits, facing addictions, becoming a more connected parent, responding to migration/refugees, stopping the burning of fossil fuels – these are all doozies.

Additionally, in US English, people say, “That’s a doozy!” or “What a doozy!” In Spanish, when we say “What a…”, we say “Que…”. So we can say, “Que doozy!” But, again, to make it more widely pronounceable, we spelled it phonetically, “Ke duzi!”

Or: keduzi.

Note that “doozy” doesn’t imply – in any way, shape or form – that it’s TOO big for us to handle. Let’s be clear: we can handle it. We can change our minds, changing the climate – literally and politically.