keduzi‘s mission is to support the joining of dots between all forms of oppression on the planet, enabling people to make the big systems changes necessary so that all life may flourish on the planet.

We are developing a programme to reach out to liberation movements in every country and region that allows people to use their innate creativity and flexible intelligence to stop oppression and ensure that the planet remains habitable for all living beings, including humans, for the foreseeable future.

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Heather Luna (founder/trainer) is a Colombian/USer, British citizen, living in rural Lincolnshire, England. She has worked with hospice and AIDS organizations. She has a master’s degree in Economics, which she taught in New York and England.

Her main passion is light-bulb momenting in people’s heads. She loves a house full of cultures and languages and love, often hosting people seeking asylum.

She founded Sustainable Thornbury, a Transition initiative seeking to create a resilient community in the face of climate change and oil depletion.

She has run support groups and led work on women and parents’ liberation. She has been a freelance trainer around enterprise, leadership, management, and assertiveness and taught classes on confidence and having difficult conversations. She has also offered 1-1 consultations on life skills.

She supports detainees in immigration removal centres, campaigns with the East Lindsey Area of Sanctuary for Syrian refugees to be resettled in Lincolnshire, and coordinates the Sanctuary Breaks scheme.


keduzi is a made-up word. “Doozy” is an English word used, chiefly, in the United States and Canada to indicate something big, something extraordinary. Changing habits, facing addictions, becoming a more connected parent, responding to migration/refugees, stopping the burning of fossil fuels – these are all doozies.

Additionally, in US English, people say, “That’s a doozy!” or “What a doozy!” In Spanish, when we say “What a…”, we say “Que…”. So we can say, “Que doozy!” But, again, to make it more widely pronounceable, we spelled it phonetically, “Ke duzi!”

Or: keduzi.

Note that “doozy” doesn’t imply – in any way, shape or form – that it’s TOO big for us to handle. Let’s be clear: we can handle it. We can change our minds, changing the climate – literally and politically.